Private Transfer Requirements:

Buyer and Seller must be present, with the firearm(s) to be transferred.

Both persons must have a valid PA Photo ID and the purchaser must pass the background Insta-Check after completion of the required forms.
Total cost = $35.00 for a single firearm. $10 for each additional firearm.

Dealer to Dealer Transfer Requirements:

We will accept a firearm to be transferred from a licensed dealer and we will ship a firearm to be transferred to a licensed dealer after verification of a Valid Federal Firearms License.
Total cost = $65.00 for the first firearm + $10.00 for the Insta-Check if you are receiving a firearm. Each additional firearm will be $10.00. Shipping charges to another dealer must be calculated according to weight and destination.

Internet Sales: We will NOT accept a firearm from an individual directly and we will NOT ship a firearm to an individual directly.

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