Local gunsmith – Customizing Guns

The Village Arms really enjoys customizing a gun to a customer’s specifications. Art chose a Mark X action to build his long-range hunting rifle. It has a Krieger 8.5 twist 6.5 mm bull barrel. When not shooting coffee cans at 800-900 yards, he shot a nice buck at 997 yards! None of his buddies would give him credit for a 1000-yard one shot kill! The stock is walnut with a teal epoxy paint finish — this customer wanted his gun to match his truck. The project is on-going… We added a forearm and butt stock rails made from stainless steel. The next special touch was to slide in Teflon blocks mounted on an articulating aluminum rifle rest. If you like long-range rifle shooting, we can tailor a gun to your specifications — the sky’s the limit!

Gunsmith work done on the premises. Includes scope and sling mounting, bore sighting, trigger work, as well as major or minor repairs. The Village Arms also offers custom gunsmith work such as fluting of bolts and barrels, installation of muzzle breaks, re-barrel and re-chamber service, stock fit and finish.

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