Firearms Permit/License

Firearms Permit/License Berks County Sheriff Office Firearm Permit Link Chester County Sheriff Office Firearm Permit Link Lancaster County Sheriff Office Firearm Permit Link| Lebanon County Sheriff Office Firearm Permit Link Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History PA Game Commission Home Page PA Game Commission Hunter/Trapper Education PA Reciprocity Agreements
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Giving a Firearm as a Gift

The Holiday Season is upon us and you may be considering putting firearms under your Christmas tree. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you are keeping on the right side of state and federal laws. You may not gift a firearm to a person who is prohibited to own
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Muzzleloading Supplies

Whether you like traditional flintlocks or the modern inline muzzleloader we carry guns and accessories from the following brands Thompson Center Traditions CVA Powerbelt Triple Seven Goex black powder FFG FFFG and FFFFG Hodgedon Hornady Speer
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Private & Dealer Transfers

Private Transfer Requirements: Buyer and Seller must be present, with the firearm(s) to be transferred. Both persons must have a valid PA Photo ID and the purchaser must pass the background Insta-Check after completion of the required forms. Total cost = $35.00 for a single firearm. $5 for each additional firearm. Dealer to Dealer Transfer
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For your reloading needs we stock bullets, RCBS equipment, primers, shot, and a wide variety of powders from Hodgedon Alliant IMR Winchester
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