Custom Work

This beauty is a modified Remington model Seven. The barrel, a Broughton in stainless steel, is straight-fluted for weight savings and finished to a 25-inch length with a .650 muzzle diameter. It is chambered for the 7mm Winchester Short Mag (WSM).  A Basix trigger was installed to improve the trigger touch and the bolt handle was lightened. The McMillan fiberglass marble-finished stock gave the firearm an attractive look and durability with minimal weight — with Leupold bases and rings, the rifle weighs only 7 lbs. 1 oz. !!

Gunsmith work done on the premises.  Includes scope and sling mounting, bore sighting, trigger work, as well as major or minor repairs. The Village Arms also offers custom gunsmith work such as fluting of bolts and barrels, installation of muzzle breaks, re-barrel and re-chamber service, stock fit and finish.

Customizing Guns

I really enjoy customizing a gun to a customer’s specifications.  Art chose a Mark X action to build his long-range hunting rifle. It has a Krieger 8.5 twist 6.5 mm bull barrel. When not shooting coffee cans at 800-900 yards, he shot a nice buck at 997 yards!  None of his buddies would give him credit for a 1000-yard one shot kill!  The stock is walnut with a teal epoxy paint finish — this customer wanted his gun to match his truck.  The project is on-going… We added a forearm and butt stock rails made from stainless steel.  The next special touch was to slide in Teflon blocks mounted on an articulating aluminum rifle rest.  If you like long-range rifle shooting, we can tailor a gun to your specifications — the sky’s the limit!

6-Pound Custom Remington Short Action

This is a modified Remington 700 short action. A Broughton stainless steel fluted barrel with a muzzle break installed. This rifle is chambered for .300 WSM, but can be chambered to your caliber specification.  It is stocked in a McMillan carbon fiber stock to further reduce weight. The action has been tuned and machined to save weight.  The bolt handle has been skeletonized. Weight with rings and bases is a mere 6 pounds. Keep in mind the barrel is 25″ long with a .650 Muzzle.

The same rifle (above) with a Leupold 2.5-8x scope weighs in at just 7 pounds.

Ashley Wilmont – Winner of an Alberta Whitetail Hunt

The Village Arms supports the eastern chapter of FNAWS by donating a rifle for the use of the winner of their youth hunt. Each year a youth competes for a hunt through marksmanship as well as a written test. Ashley Wilmont won her hunt to Alberta for Whitetail Deer. Her father Rusty accompanied her. Although they were not successful for whitetail, Ashley, being an accomplished riflewoman, shot a Coyote at 500 yards. Her name has been engraved on the barrel and additional winners will be added.

Custom 10-Pound Silhouette Rifle

Milt Smith likes to be a little different on the Silhouette range with a one of our custom Remington 700′s. The Barrel is a spiral fluted Krieger chambered in .260 Rem. Silhouette shooters would like a 9 pound barrel on a 1 pound stock and action. To accommodate our shooters we use some imaginative solutions to removing weight from a rifle. This rifle with scope weighs 10 pound.

We enjoy building rifles the way YOU want, not cookie cutter, production rifles.

.257 Roberts Custom Remington Model 600

This is a Remington 600 Mohawk restocked using walnut. It has a Hart Barrel chambered in .257 Roberts. We used an oversized magazine box to allow for the added length of heavy bullets. As an option, we offer custom jewelling on the bolt body. This started as a personal project. Near completion, my gunsmith mentor and good friend became very ill.  We decided to raffle this gun to help cover some of his expenses.

Checkering was quickly completed by Susquehanna Gun Stock.
Fine Custom work includes a jeweled bolt.

Kenneth Brunedge – The Lucky Winner

Owner-Gunsmith, Gene McKillips built this custom spec gun for a benefit raffle.
The happy winner received a great return on his donation.

Completely blue printed Remington Short Action

Custom rifle for Dave F.

Completely blue printed Remington Short Action

  • Kreiger Barrel
  • OPS Muzzle Break
  • Teflon Black Finish
  • McMillan Camo Stock
    Chambered for .338
  • Weight is 6.5lbs with scope base and rings


In house blue printed and lightened Remington Action

Ready to install in your custom rifle at our shop

In house blue printed and lightened Remington Action

  • OD ground
  • Bolt race was polished
  • Bolt face and lugs trued
  • Sako extractor cut
  • Magazine can also be lengthen to fit short mag calibers or custom reloading of a cartridge

Ready to install in your custom rifle at our shop

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Custom Rifle

custom rifle

More Custom Firearms

Custom Rifle

customized rifle gun

More Custom Firearms

Custom Rifle

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