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Muzzleloading Supplies

Whether you like traditional flintlocks or the modern inline muzzleloader we carry guns and accessories from the following brands Thompson Center Traditions CVA Powerbelt Triple Seven Goex black powder FFG FFFG and FFFFG Hodgedon Hornady Speer
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For your reloading needs we stock bullets, RCBS equipment, primers, shot, and a wide variety of powders from Hodgedon Alliant IMR Winchester
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This beauty is a modified Remington model Seven. The barrel, a Broughton in stainless steel, is straight-fluted for weight savings and finished to a 25-inch length with a .650 muzzle diameter. It is chambered for the 7mm Winchester Short Mag (WSM).  A Basix trigger was installed to improve the trigger touch and the bolt handle
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Our showroom and friendly staff are the perfect setting to pick out your new gun, whether it is a rifle, shotgun, handgun, or a custom rifle built from the ground up to your specifications. Our top brands include the following, however we can track down most production guns. Marlin Mossberg Remington Savage Ruger Smith and
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On our well stocked ammo shelves you will find a large selection of calibers to choose from in the following brands Hornady Winchester Remington Federal Estate CCI Blazer American Eagle PMC Independence Heavy Shot Lightfield
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