Gun Law Seminar – 9/21/17 Atglen Sportsman’s Club

Click the link below to register for our upcoming class.  When you clink the link below to register, register as a non-member and enter the word TABLE in the promo box to register for free.  Our class will be covering Justified Use of Deadly Force.  We also cover the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Laws.  If you haven’t attended one of our seminars before come out.  This is our base class and in the upcoming months we will be bringing our more in depth seminars such as Conceal Carry, Interstate Travel, Search and Seizure Laws, Armed Response to an Active Shooter, History and Purpose of the 2nd Amendment, How to interact with police when carrying or making a 911 phone call, and Simulator Training.  All our seminars are taught by our program attorneys so come out and ask any legal gun law questions you make have as well.