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The Village Arms gun shop, located in Gap, PA

The Village Arms, Guns, Ammo and Gunsmithing, is owned and operated by Gene McKillips. Gene, a lifetime resident of Salisbury Township, PA, remembers hunting with his dad and brother as a child. This was the beginning of his love for firearms, hunting and competition shooting. His interest in firearms and his natural mechanical ability, combined with his experience as a machinist and steelworker, evolved into a hobby of gunsmithing. Upon completion of Advanced Gunsmithing courses through Modern Gun School, Gene’s knowledge, combined with a sincere concern for the customers needs guarantees a pleasant shopping experience.

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Ammo Shortages

It’s been in the news.  You’ve seen it in stores.  It’s happened before.  There is a shortage in ammo – particularly all varieties of .22 and .380 acp. 

The experts are not sure exactly why we are in this predicament.  One thought is that the American public is buying at a frenzied and panicked pace and saving it “just in case”.  Another piece to the puzzle is that the manufacturers were not ready for the increased demand.  They in turn, have trouble obtaining the components such as lead and powder. 

What is The Village Arms doing to help to plan and ease the pain?

  • We attend buying shows for major wholesalers several times a year.  We order loads of ammo from all manufacturers (even the “little” guys). 
  • We have started to stock our shelves with hunting ammo now in anticipation of shortages in the fall.
  • We are in constant contact with all of our sales reps from 7 major wholesalers trying to find the products you need.  We even started relationships with additional business partners this year to try and bring you more ammunition.
  • We try to hold at least one box of ammo for each firearm we have available for sale, to offer our customers when their PICS check is complete.
  • We have in some cases instituted a “one box limit” on purchases to try and give everyone a fair chance to purchase some. 

What can you do?

  • Stop hoarding!  Buy what you realistically need until the industry has time to catch up.
  • Plan for big events – like deer season – and buy your ammo now.
  • You may have to try different brand names than what you have used in the past. 
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