Register to Vote Here!


Stop in and register to vote by October 8th!  We’ll mail the form in for free and pass on some savings in our store!

$5 off your purchase of  $50

$15 off your purchase of $150

$30 off your purchase of $300

$45 off your purchase of $450

$60 off your purchase of $600

$75 off your purchase of $750 or more

(Offer applies to in stock merchandise only.  Offer is valid only on the day you register to vote.  Purchase price is calculated prior to the addition of sales tax.)

Election 2016 – It starts now!

“The future of this republic in in the hands of the American voter.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th US President)

It is your civic duty to cast a ballot in each and every US election.  Your participation is needed for this democracy to survive. 

Reasons to vote:

  • Every vote counts
  • Make sure you are represented – in our history, women and minorities have fought for their right to cast a ballot.  It is mind-boggling that many US citizens fail to seize their right.
  • It is your chance to balance powers in our government
  • Allows your voice to be heard – vote to keep the status quo or vote for radical change
  • It’s easy to do!

GET REGISTERED!  You must be registered 30 days prior to an election day.  Forms can obtained at any DMV location or any state or local government offices such as schools, libraries, tax offices, etc.  Forms are also available online.

BECOME EDUCATED/INFORMED!  Do your research and determine which candidates are right for you and your community.

VOTE!  It only takes a few minutes and many polling places are open early and stay open late.

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